Hacker Quiz With Answer

Q #19: What does .machine_start do? #hackerquiz
A: machine_start defines the address for the first command to be executed.

Q #18: What is common pattern to be written when testing memory? #hackerquiz
A: 0xAAAAAAAA and 0x5555555

A: 1010
5: 0101

Used in walking bit test to see memory error due to wiring error

Q #17 : how to avoid race condition? #hackerquiz
A: locking: mutex, spinlock

Q #15: What is the interrupt type used when declaring shared IRQ handler? #hackerquiz
example: request_irq(foo, callback, IRQF_SHARED, devname, devid);

Q #14: What is the flag used when allocating memory for atomic operation? #hackerquiz
A: GFP_ATOMIC.Only use it in an atomic operation.

Q #13: What is race condition? #hackerquiz
A: Condition where two process try to use the same memory area

Q #12: What is the difference between semaphore and mutex? #hackerquiz #tricky
A: read this: http://www.netrino.com/node/202

Q #11: What is the magic number shown when your Amiga dead? #hackerquiz
A: 48454C50 stands for HELP in ASCII

Q #10: Where is the reset vector of IA32? #hackerquiz
A: 0xFFFFFFF0 (16 bytes short of the end of 4 gigs of memory)

Q #9: What is the content of the first 400 Bytes of MBR (Master Boor Record)? #hackerquiz
A: Code (440 Bytes), Disk Signature (4 Bytes), Nulls (2 Bytes), Partition Table(4 16 Bytes entry, 64 total), MBR Signature (2 Bytes)

Q #8: How to switch between real mode and protected mode in IA32? #hackerquiz
A: set PE bit!

Q #7: How much memory does it take by old DOS? #hackerquiz
A: 640 KB

Q #6: What is the purpose of northbridge in IA32? #hackerquiz
A: Gateway for CPU to access RAM, PCI Express

Q #5: What is the purpose of southbridge in IA32? #hackerquiz
A: Gateway for CPU to access BIOS, USB, PM, CLK, PCI Bus, SATA

Q #4: How to communicate between parent and child process in Unix-like env? #hackerquiz
A: pipe()

Q #3: What is shebang? #hackerquiz
A: #!

Q #2: What is the vector address of Timer 0 interupt? #hackerquiz
A: Should have been specific, for Intel 8051 it is in 0003H

Q #1: What is hex value of decimal 843? #hackerquiz
A: 34B. Magic! B ~ 8, swapped


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