Last month I got another opportunity to paint one of the walls in our office. After spending two consecutive weekends (yes, Saturday and Sunday) and around 20 hours, a few litres acrylic and more litres water, I finished the painting (well, there is one request from the management that I haven’t had time to do, yet). Thanks to my wife and kid who patiently accompany and support me. (Photo courtesy of my wife)

Office Paintings

The bottom picture above is painting after we moved to current floor with a lot of help from my colleagues (Maslena, Bala, Ika, Ina, Suzanna, Warun, Jason). Here is the post about that painting.

Two weeks ago, my colleague, a Finnish man, asked whether I can make something for his friend wedding, then I showed him my drawings. After several sketches during the weekend, I finally finish the drawing and send it to him.

His response at first sight was like screaming, looking at the fact that this would be a wedding present. … Well nothing wrong with the dripping, except it looks, represent bloods … After he got some opinions from the bride’s friends, he agreed to frame it. I was a bit surprised with the real fine art framing price. I should start a company to do fine art framing … one day

These recent weeks, our office is raising funds for helping kids with cancer through Hair For Hope event as well as creatively holding events such as flea market, international food fair, hug for money (Yeah, one of my colleagues selling 5 minutes hug for $2 dollars minimum), selling massage and other creative way of making money. I was thinking on how to contribute, it’s either designing shirt, selling painting, or cooking for International Food Fair.

We actually planned to cook for International Food Fair, our speciality is ayam penyet, and my wife is really good at cooking it, while I can make sambal, according to my customer, my sambal is one of the best in term of spices composition, hotness, freshness. It’s not just a buzzword, but it’s true (Yeah, it’s a buzzword). Unfortunately, my wife got severe period that prevent her from cooking, she had to stay in bed for two days with those painful cramps.

I had no choice other than selling my painting. There I went to the flea market bringing my painting, three canvas panels with simple drawing (yes, bottle not flower) and I put $150 as its price, finally it’s sold for $75 just before the market closed.


That’s all the story about the painting. I feel good and looking forward to paint more. Yesterday I had a discussion with one of my best friends, a real artist, I learn so much from him, and as I wrote in one of the blog posts, he was one of the reason I started to draw again after being dormant for years. He asked me how it feels when someone likes my painting and even decided to buy it. I said I feel good, real good, fresh, and it’s addictive.


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