Your Birthday

Hey Lemon,

What’s up, Kid? I don’t want to say much, we have been together for two years since you were born. It’s really a great experience. We see you growing very fast, sometimes when you’re sleep, I and Mom stare at you for couple of minutes and at that very moment, We always feel blessed, very proud of you. I know you don’t like me to be near you when you’re about to sleep, and actually I love it when you say “Bapak Kuwar!” or those “Bapak susu bikin”.


Maika Lemoni Amanda


We always feel surprised every time you show us something new; your words “Bapak”, “Meme”, “Ibu”, “Lala”, “Nina”, “Hai Fai”, “Hempon”, “Gelibed”, “Gelibag”, your expression trying to mimic your Meme when she’s on the phone, your strange sentence, your expressionist paintings, your singing and dancing.

I just don’t want to miss a thing.

I remember once I had a conversation with one of my friends. At that time, he was about to leave to the United States for his daughter wedding, while he lived in Bali, Indonesia. Originally he is from France, but he moved to Indonesia a decade ago. As far as I remember, he told me this way:

I am in a very deep sadness now. I’d never been with my daughter since she was 5 years old, I left them (my wife and my daughter) at home, I had been dead busy with my work, then I left them to be with another woman. I visit them sometimes, at her birthday, at her inauguration, sometimes at Christmas, I also had a vacation with her. But I never live with her, and I had never grow her up. Once, I invited her here to have a quality time with her, for one month, just before she went to the university, then she’s graduated and started her own life. I’m still trying to keep up with her, having a call once a week, sending emails just to say hello. Now she’s getting married, she will live with a man that I don’t really know, and I don’t really know her as well.

So, when you have kid, you only have a them until they start to go to school, once they go out, then they don’t belong to you anymore, they belong to your community. Don’t work too hard, have more time with your family especially your children.

Kid, happy birthday! We love you so much!


  • Meme: Originally from “mama”
  • Lala: Lala of The Teletubbies
  • Nina: Pink bear doll, one of her favourite toy
  • Hai Fai: Hi5 it’s a kid television show
  • Hempon: Handphone
  • Gelibed: AngryBirds, she loves to play this game in her own way
  • Gelibag: Ladybug

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