RaspberryPi and NFC

Around four or five months ago, I received my RaspberryPi (in fact, I don’t really care about the type or so). After spending almost two years playing with OK6410 (variant of Samsung SoC based on S3C6410), putting almost every free OS for embedded (ARM Linux from the BSP), FreeBSD ARM (succeeded, I got the command prompt, if I clearly recall) thanks to Mr. Yohanes, RISC OS and some proprietary OS like Windows ME (very old one).

Then there was it. My shiny raspberry-pi board ready to be hacked and unfortunately I just lost my passion to do anything with it. I tried RaspberryPi-BuildRoot, then nothing more interesting. I stopped. Until a few weeks ago, I found something on the internet (also discussed it with one of my friends), a product called CloudFTP. Something that triggered my mind to start to hack on something, do something fun as the old days.

I take a look for my old project when try to get NFC works with OK6410 board, thanks to Linux community, to achieve this kind of goal is now very very very super easy. You don’t have to write a piece of code just to make something generic works. The rest is up to your creativity.

So, my first goal is to make NFC works on top of RaspberryPi Buildroot, and of course on top of raspberry-pi device. I might come back to update.

UPDATE: Preliminary patch available here, also I saw libnfc is already available in BuildRoot upstream, so no need to patch it.


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