Two days in a row ..

First night, which is yesterday, I got some dream that depicting me somewhere in some country (not in Singapore, but somehow in that dream I experience the feeling `to go home soon, thinking about my wife who is not so far away from the place I stay`). The place was really nice, it’s a small bungalow located by the river, it was a huge river, I could see flamingos, some random birds, and it was breezy afternoon. I was about to go home, telling my wife on the phone saying that I got a new place to stay, it was affordable, not so expensive and its location was at its best, so I was thinking to crafting the words to convince my wife that the place is really worth to pay. She and Lemon could spend the day at home, watching flamingos, going to the field nearby, etc …

Second night, last night, I can’t really remember it while I’m writing this note, but it’s almost the same theme: we lived somewhere else, it felt like Bali or Jogja, we lived in an old big decent house. We were sleeping and it was dawn or so, and I was in a dream (that I can’t clearly recall), I suddenly was waken up by my alarm from the dream of the dream, but it was not normal because it was 6:30 AM (normally my alarm will horn at 8:00 AM), then I woke up, nothing I can remember since then, I woke up from the dream and I realised I was in a dream. It’s around 7:30, I drank some water then went to the kitchen, boiled some water then made a cup of coffee, I sat down and started writing this note.

Right before writing this, I read this, which leads me to go to this.


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