New Chapter: Constant Change

It’s been a while (well, after my last post on my daughter’s birthday, 29 December last year) I have been trying to write something that could probably express my feeling, share my experience, or simply rambling, write simple thing, but it’s all ended up as writing drafts. I have never looked back to them and let them in their own comfort place, draft.

I have been so busy, not “busy”, but a real busy, a bit more to exhausted than normal busy. After leaving my working place then join Yahoo! Indonesia as Quality Engineer, – at that time I was feeling like having a massive down grade from my previous function, but then that way of thinking has been changed by the time -, I literally am so busy. I have so many things to do, have fun at the same time, and found a new shape of working place, that was my first experience to feel “miss the office”, because of so many fun things. Physically awesome office, we have vending machine, foosball table (tournament as well, I was at the second place, once only once when paired with Kset), PS3 (I rarely play, I can’t), the most important thing is the people. I was so lucky being part of this family of talented engineers, super-cool bosses, outings, hangouts, basketball, so many good perks, …

I was really happy, my family too. That was the momentum when I relieved from “work stress”. I remember during one of our “under the tree near the fountain” cigarette meetings, one of our bosses said “less stress means better living, you have to have a decent life, because it will make you strong, healthier, and perform and productive”. The boss shared his findings when watching National Geographic channel about the competition in a baboon colony (or community?), only the strongest one can live happily, and the one who cannot fight their life up, will occasionally get sick, has lower immune, and turned out as unhappy person (well, we talk about baboon).  We have had this discussion as well a few days before the termination date, at different place, De Luca 😉

When the news leaked on AllThingsD, the sky was falling, and raindrops keep falling since then. So many reasons, and so many not reasonable reasons, crafted this dramatic life even worse. We’re gonna lost our job. Thanks to the bosses who swiftly “sell” our profile to their network of entrepreneurs, we finally hopped into another new exciting job. Well, aside of the story, there are some not-so-straight path, but that’s life, we cannot make everyone happy.

Especially for me, it is a real massive change. I chose to take this opportunity, to start a new life, in different country. It’s another trial, back in 2008 when I lived in Kuching, I feel this is the next chapter of my journey. It was hard decision, so many constraints, risks … but thanks to my wife, who (well, you have done so many things to make it all works out, honey) patiently support us in this new chapter of our life, sacrificing almost anything left …

I remembered one of my colleague’s tweet “There is no security, there is only opportunity”, this is like a big slap on my very face. Working at Yahoo! had been the best experience, with all the perks, insurance, outings, environments, flexi working hours, coolness (yeah, I know some people who always talk about Yahoo! in a negative way, sort of cynical), drinks, it had been the best and “secure” (even secure), job. But hey, the AllThingsD news is not a journalist’s bullshit to boost their site’s traffic, it was true, we lost our job.

So that’s it, there is no such thing called security in this life, we are all at risk and it’s obvious. What’s left is opportunity, and under any circumstances it is and will always be our full responsibility to take a chance and the risk at the same time. There is no an instant way to be rich, to be famous, (you may want to add: to be successful) and there is no not-risky path to achieve a goal.

I have learned so much these recent months, I have met great people, talented people, worked with them, befriend, and there is always time to change. To let the stress less is to constantly change, don’t do things you don’t love, but when you get bored, do something else, then come back. It’s not an advise, this might be untrue for most of us, but it works for me.


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