This is How We Do Business

Case #1: A decent software programmer learns how to do business

The Colleague is my friend, he was pretty close friend when we were doing projects in the college. We were peers on the programming of our campus robotic project.

Me: “Is there any project in your company that I can work on?”

Colleague: “Yes, there is. We will need your company profile and also specification of the project as well”

Me: “OK. Great! I will do my best to provide the information you need …”

Then, I worked on the proposal, diagrams, schematics, flowchart, and started to write prototype for almost one week. Everything is in place, I called my colleague

Me: “Hi there, when can we discuss about the project, I am ready with the docs and buzz”

Colleague: “Very good, let’s do it tomorrow morning, or even this evening will be good, anytime you want”

Me: “Great, tomorrow morning at 9 I will be in your office”

Then, I came to his office bringing stuffs, started to demonstrate my solutions, giving the schematics, diagrams, papers, and everything … The discussion went well, we talked about the budget and how enthusiast they are to execute this project as soon as possible, we talked about the upcoming revenues, everything was in the right place.

Finally we ended up the discussion, they will contact me at least next week, waiting for the financial approval from their financial department which is in different building in town or somewhere …

One month now after that meeting. I did not hear anything from them except from my colleague who is one of them “Everything is progressing, soon we will execute this project” But there is nothing, I can’t believe I have already given them everything; the specification, diagrams, flowchart, BOM. They can easily look for another contractor with *my* specification with cheaper price. Well, it is just my assumption.

Case #2 A decent software programmer learns how to create a company

Well, maybe later …


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