Happy Birthday Lady

So, today is my wife‘s birthday. She turned 26 this year.

I love you so much, I am very lucky to have you in my life. Thank you for always love me and our little baby (well, she’s now big yah :D)

Remember, please always remember the thing that I have told you while we were at Starbucks Melawai grabbing a cup of coffee and Thai tea (the tea was not good, it was kinda smelly 😐 )

I am so sorry for sometimes letting you down, whilst I were not mean to do that. You know sometimes I feel terrible as usual as human being, sometimes too worry for anything. We are in this kind of not so perfect situation, depressing daily traffic, frustrating working partners, terrible backpain, bad quality sleeping (I know, this one is because I snort :\ ), all seems so endlessly, felt like the one and only choice …  but you always be my little fairy who keep the spirit and the patience burning.

Thanks for everything.

Bon anniversaire!

Zombie says Happy Birthday

PS: J’ai achete un tres bien dictionnaire francais. Je me souviens, je n’ai jamais eu le meme livre, mais de toute facon perdu.


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