Made In China

So, I was quiet busy recently to look for an outsourcing company in China. Why China? I heard that the price is so competitive there compared to the rest of the world, even India.

For every project manager, there will be a project calculation; methodology, timeframe, critical path, etc with the most concern on the cost vs timeframe. How long this will be done, for how much, then the business line will decide whether or not to continue the project. That’s normal.

Regarding the cost vs timeframe the PM calculated the resource vs workload/WBS, and he got the numbers. The comparison is made between to do it inhouse or outsource.

Here I came up to a conclusion -after weeks of hunting and studying the way a software done in China.

In house development costs around 3K – 5K per month with 4 engineers. The project will elapse around 3 months. China outsource offered 10K for three months with four engineers.


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