Twitter Client Galore

Many of twitter users want to have their very own client, which means exclusivity, or just-to-show-off, and probably any other reason … For example BlackBerry user would like to use UberTwitter or Twitter for BlackBerry. iPad/iPhone users could use TweetDeck for iPad, or many applications available on AppStore. Ubuntu users could use Gwibber, etc, etc… Most of the purpose of the client choice could be merely to show from where the tweet comes from.

For geeks, usually they choose their own application. There are numbers of open source twitter client which can be modified easily just by changing the consumer_key and consumer_secret with the one brand new registered twitter client. So do I…

My choice is bti, it is initially written by Greg-Kroah Hartman (Kernel subsystem maintainer). It supports twitter OAuth and makes the `geeks’ easily changing the name of the application to be appeared on the follower timeline. So, instantly you can be the geek!

Well, the issue is that the latest release of bti does not support ‘Reply’ and ‘Retweet’, and these could be very easily achieved. I made modification to bti and it is available at: waiting for pull request accepted or … rejected. Well, that’s normal anyway.

The modification I’ve made are as follow:

1. Reply:

Twitter API, Update endpoint:


  • in_reply_to_status_idThe ID of an existing status that the update is in reply to.

Basically, only need to point to update endpoint with parameter: ?status=”message”&in_reply_to_status_id=3303597034962945

3303597034962945 is the status ID to be replied

2. Retweet:

Twitter API, Retweet endpoint:


So, we only need to point to TwitterAPI retweet endpoint with specific status ID to be retweet-ed.


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