MeeGo Developer Tool is a Quintessentials

After spending hours and days without any clue but Xephyr segmentation fault, mutter error (Failed Clutter initialization) , Gtk initialization failure, … finally I managed to make Xephyr shows MeeGo desktop background without any functionality (meego-menus, panels, etc) working. I cannot use default Xephyr package from Ubuntu to run startmeego-debug script. I have to use MeeGo’s one available from:


I have also managed to use several base packages from MeeGo instead of from Ubuntu or BlankOn repository. For instance, I use MeeGo’s mutter package instead of Ubuntu’s one. I saw some differences (and they are big) of mutter package in both package, and for the moment I don’t want to spend too much time on digging the code. Almost every package built is the latest tag – 1, since in several packages there are uncommitted changes in master branch, I need to get rid of these assuming that the latest tag – 1 is the most stable one.

From this experience, I think it will be easier to build everything from MeeGo repository instead of choosing from Ubuntu repo, once the build depends are satisfied, I can repackage this new source as a new experimental package / PPA.

I also use strace to see what’s going wrong and manage to fix them one by one. Currently my strace output when running  startmeego-debug script is available at:


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