MeeGo Hacks On The Way

This is approaching note to make MeeGo runs on Debian. This project was initiated by BlankOn Developers []. By the time I am writing this note, there is no significant result, so it’s very discouraged to follow.

Initial Step:

  1. Porting almost all MeeGo Netbook UX applications/libraries to Debian file system
  2. Mimic MeeGo root filesystem and “debianize” its contents:
  3. See startmeego-debug script in /usr/bin of MeeGo filesystem and continue to step #2
  4. Then try to execute startmeego-debug

startmeego-debug script more or less does following things:

  1. export DISPLAY environment variable
  2. initialize available in /usr/lib/ then link with /usr/lib/
  3. start Xephyr:
  4. Xephyr $DISP -screen 1024x600 -host-cursor -ac
  5. start dbus-launch
  6. start ssh agent
  7. wait until Xephyr has fully started
  8. then ionice everything in /etc/xdg/autostart/*.desktop then execute mission-control-5
  9. start mutter
        mutter --sm-disable

Well, __more_or_less__ startmeego script initialize everything needed by mutter then start it.


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