This is a one hour++ coding (45 minutes about to fix internet connection :-\), so it is buggy and not tested, but I am pretty confidence it will be the worst spammer machine ever!

Well, the idea is very simple, you must know bti from Greg KH (available here) it takes either keystroke on bash or simple console input by invoking /usr/bin/bti, then this input is modified by input file. So, nothing special indeed. But, the most important thing is the man behind the gun, right?

Imagine that you have a single text file (or maybe later records in your table when you use database) contains 1000++ line, and you want to irritate our social network server by spamming Ads, or just simply would to face lawyer due to DDOS you made, you only need this very buggy software. No more than 337 lines of code (50 lines comment total) and you will get anything you want.

So, anyone whose interested in such tool, and want to take a risk by himself, please feel free to contact me, I will give you free source code and you only need to give me some bucks 😉

NOTE: batbet is not registered trademark, do not spell it Batbet, better ‘batbet’ or ‘BATBET’

UPDATE: Instead of doing spammy stuffs I decide to spread Wanda The Fish quotes :D, simple by read fortune game files located under /usr/share/games/fortunes/ and the files are: fortunes, literature, and riddle. They are simple text file with certain format, which might be used by Wanda The Fish or Fortune game itself.


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