Anyway, this is m5-rc14 on iMX31L

I just got it last weekend, and i stuck in the errors that avoid me to post this. Just splashes ..

Dialer :

You can see from the date shown in the pics, it was 3 days ago. Everything works fine, just like the m3 porting.


4 thoughts on “Anyway, this is m5-rc14 on iMX31L

  1. Woah..what board is that ? Using what type of processor (ARM9/Xscale/Geode) ?

    I didn’t know that Android has finally reach board emulation. It used to be just an simulation on eclipse. I guess I have missed the Android news a lot.

  2. Hi Ruckuus
    Hope you remember me (an old friend 🙂 )… I am also back in Android. Hey do have any idea on porting android on Note books ???

    Thanks and regards,
    shyjumon N.

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